iTM MidiLab

iTM MidiLab is our exclusive gateway to iTouchMidi

Where we test drive new controllers using innovative touch screen interfaces and the device accelerometers to integrate our fully featured multi mode / app commercial suite

iTM Midilab will always be a free app
a dynamic showroom allowing for new users to experience the iTouchMidi concept


All interfaces present in iTM MidiLab are limited versions form iTM Keys, iTM Matrix and iTM Pad, if you enjoy iTM MidiLab but miss some advanced features you should consider those...

Current iTM MidiLab 1.2.2 Features:

Button Matrix 4 X 4 with Midi Feedback
Tip: Ableton Live users can use it as clip launcher and it will show wich clips are playing ;)

Midi keyboard (C-2 -> C8) with pitchbend

XY Pad, sending CC 18 & 19 on midi channel 1

Compatible with: Ableton Live, Garageband, Logic Pro and Express, Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Cubase, Finale, Sibelius, Reason
(more will be added as they are reported)

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