Mackie Control Emulation for your iPhone or iPod touch

iTM MCU is also a generic mixer midi controller,
you can midi learn any of its controls in any midi enabled application

To use iTM MCU you need to run iTouchMidi MCU instead of iTouchMidi OSX
(included in iTouchMidi OSX pack)


iTM MCU 1.0.7 Features:

8 Faders with Solo, Mute and Record enable buttons
Bank up and down allowing unlimited number of channels
Feedback: ex faders assume levels on song load

Current implementation is custom tailored for ableton live:
Clip and Scene navigation and triggering
Dedicated Loop and Back to Arrangement buttons

These function work in other daws as generic navigation and assorted functions:
ex: bta means "backup this artwork" in logic...

Compatible with:
Ableton Live, Mackie Tracktion, Reason, Logic (we are still a bit unsure but there are already lot of logic users)
(more will be added as they are reported)

Notice for Logic users:
We have just released a new revision of iTouchMidi MCU that greatly enhances Logic compatibility and are currently asking for user feedback

Version history of iTM MCU
version history

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