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Nonnus, please clean up this forum from spam!

It seems that you have abandoned all support and visits to your forum. Spammers have been taking over the only place where people with problems with your product could get some help. It feels like a nice flower bed grown into weeds.

accessing more than 8 tracks with MCU ?

i'm not sure how to set up iTM MCU so that i can control the levels of more than 8 tracks in ableton.
hitting the 'bank' arrow buttons just selects and triggers other scenes.

OS 3.0, bluetooth and iTouch app

Hello! Maybe you know but today (17 june) Apple release the new OS 3.0 for iPod touch. This new OS give access to the Bluetooth on the iPod touch. I was asking my self if the iTouch application could be in the future compatible whit the Bluetooth. Instead of using the WiFi to control music software (Ableton, Cubase) we could use the Bluetooth connection. What do you think ?

multiple itouch midi devices

Can anybody explain how to set-up multiple iTouch midi devices. I'm trying to use both my iphone and ipod touch in Live. Here's where I'm at...

Install the network software twice on my MacBook and renamed them 'ipod' and 'iphone'.
In the menu bar settings of each - I've changed the name, to correspond and changed the midi port number of one device (up one number - dont know if this is acceptable?) and also renamed the midiport to correlate.

iTM DJ - Can the iphone headphones be used for previewing?

Hello Everyone and thanks for all of your help in advance. I'm using iTM DJ with Virtual DJ and I LOVE it so far... but my Macbook only has one audio out and I want the ability to preview tracks using the iphone headphones. Is this possible? If not, any other suggestions? Thanks again.

Livid Cell DNA

Hey Nonnus.

Just a quick note to say your software works lovely with Livid Cell DNA (vj software) released yesterday.

The 8x8 matrix is perfect for clip triggering & tap/tilt are great for effects twiddling.


Scratchin on TPro

Hello all
Is anybody using one of the iTM apps to scratch on TPro? If so which one? I have been trying to find an method of doin this without platters or jogs.

Any Clue how to do this???

I love the itm products to control Ableton and other software on my mac. I would ultimately like to hook the Iphone onto my guitar and use ITM Matrix to switch channels on my actual amplifier. The Amp is Midi capable, just wondering if anything exists that would allow this software to control and actual piece of hardware. Any thoughts?


Hi Nonnus,

I have been using Matrix quite a bit lately.

Now that I am used to the programming its working well for the most part. I love the midi feedback - It's great for clips in Live.

However, one thing is giving me problems and I dont know if it is me or Matrix.

Only CH1 seems to work properly with the feedback. When I use CH2 and CH16 the clips fire but the Matrix buttons stay depressed once pressed. The only way to get them back out is to exit the program. I havent tried with more channels than that.

ITMDJ Traktor

Thinking about getting this app, is it possible to control pitch? If no, how do you beat match?


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